Author: Cole McGrath

Cell Phone Games

The cell phone games industry has gone a long way since the days of snake and arcade rip-offs. Today’s 3G cell phones can manage such a high ratio of data transmission that mobile games are beginning to resemble the games you run on your home computer. An owner of a cell phone that uses a 3G network can now play games such as ‘Need For Speed: Underground 2’ or ‘The Sims 2’. These games are quite a bourdon even for a relatively good home computer, so how is it possible to play them on your cell phone, you might ask. The answer is quite surprising, technologically speaking.

One of the things that held back cell phone games up until recently was the size of the cell phone’s memory. Most cell phones, even the ones with digital cameras and mp3 players, have very limited memory space. The solution was actually right under our eyes – transferring game data only upon need. The advanced cell phone games of the future are downloading the levels and characters only at the point they are needed, thus solving this most disturbing problem.

The improvement of the cellular communication network is expected to change many aspects of our life. Starting with advanced mobile games to live video feeds from casino tables and up to stream sports events and races. All we have left to do is enjoy the ride!…

Cell Phone Gambling Success

The UK independent reports that mobile gambling has rocketed to new highs this year. The number of betting pages downloaded to private cell phones is expected to reach three million till the end of the year, a rise of 367% in comparison to 2004. Mobile gambling has been picked up with great enthusiasm by many European cell phone operators. Most cell phone providers consider mobile gambling as a high quality content service and apparently they are right. Cell phone gambling is being picked up by many eager gamblers throughout Europe.

Part of cell phone gambling’s success is the option to gamble wherever and whenever you want on very low limit bets. As a result you can enjoy your favorite casino games without risking your bankroll. Industry experts claim that most popular mobile gambling games are slots and blackjack, apparently due to the low concentration level needed. Most gambling providers are now in a race for the first mobile poker game as it’s predicted to gain tremendous popularity.

Gambling lovers in the U.S will still have to wait for a year or so, till the regulatory problems will be solved. At the moment mobile gambling is banned under the Wire act, so as online gambling. U.S is predicted to be the largest market in the world for cell phone gambling, due to high percentage of gambling and betting lover in addition to one the highest percentages of cell phone owners.…

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