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Gambling Addictions. The Risks Inherent In Gambling

The almighty dollar will always be shown to be the most superior force, which drives many people to addictions. These Gambling Addictions are present from the way in the past, whatever the country or civilization, gambling is prevalent all through.

Started as a means of recreation whether on horses, races or at casinos, it has evolved out into a suicidal habit. Gambling is a risk-takers habit. It forces a person to take chances again and again with a belief that the next chance taken could be the one which will put everything right.

It involves escaping from reality. It is not just the actual risk, but also the whole occurrence of events leading up to a concluding choice and outcome that has a delusory sense of certainty. It forms a delirious environment which is surrounded by the fantasy.

Gambling is associated with selective excitement, dissociation, and increased heart rate i.e. more or less close to a drug-induced high. Gamblers, usually, are very ego orientated, risk-taking, in search of approval and affirmation people, who wants to justify themselves.

Now, Gambling Casinos are available online. Gambling has crossed borders just like a disease all over the world. In Asia alone up to 21% of the poll respondents stated that they are pathological (alter or disease effect) gamblers. While in America, around 5% among respondents have gambling problems.

The backers in Gambling Addictions can be envy, greed, and the all-powerful dollar in whole. Lots of gamblers strive to surpass others by gaining power and control through money. Sometimes, the gamblers get so impulsive that they literally commit a crime, in the form of robbery or even murder, for their irresistible needs.

Other backers of Gambling Addictions could stem from poverty. When a person struggles, throughout his existence, without the required success, it becomes tiresome and frequently the addict gives in to the bad habit of Gambling. For him it is the final move to escape the problems.

Sheer enjoyment and exhilaration is another backer in the gambling world. Many times the gambling arena brings in immoral practices that lures in the gamblers. Immoral practices such as soliciting sex, alcohol, etc also act as backers in Gambling Addictions.

The consequences of obsessive gambling can be devastating. Not only can enormous debts accrue but also an addict can end up behind bars as a consequence of some crime though unintended.

Gambling behavior is a problem …

Playing Online Gambling Games At Home and Earn Money

Gambling game is a classic game that still played by more than millions of people every day. But unfortunately, we need to go to the casino building when we want to play gambling games freely and legally. This is because, in some cities and some countries, gambling activity is forbidden and against the law. So, you have to spend a lot of money on hotel accommodation, transportation, and take a special holiday when you want to play gambling games. But today, you need not spend a lot of money only to play slot games. You have a chance to play gambling games online without leaving your home at the online casino. Online casino is a new way to enjoy gambling games without spending too much money and spending your time to take a special trip to Las Vegas, Hong Kong, or Monte Carlo. All you need to do is just turning on your computer, connect to the internet, visit a certain online casino website, and you can play plenty of online gambling games freely.

Earn more money from online gambling

The online casino will offer you with an atmosphere of the real casino through the online gambling games that you can choose such as slot games, baccarat, poker, dice game, roulette, blackjack, and many more. If you think that online casino is just an ordinary online video game, you are wrong. Online casino is not a game for underage children; this is a real deal game where you will use the real money just like at the real casino. In this gambling game, you will need to create deposit money. This deposit money is needed to play several gambling games and make a bet. Just like in the real casino, online casino is also a great place to earn profit from the winning money. So this is the main reason why there are plenty of professional gamblers who are choosing an online casino at the place to earn money. To earn money from slot games and several other gambling games is not an easy task but this is not impossible to do. Here are several tips to earn a lot of money from online slot games and several others online gambling games:

1. Choose the most reputable online casino. There are millions online casino website that is available on the internet today and you have to choose the best …

Play Slots Games Online

If you are an online gambling game lover then you should know about slots. A slot is the kind of casino games that you may try. Play slots are very interesting because you can get fresh money and the jackpot. The symbol of the jackpot in the slots game sometimes makes you surprise because it can be in the fruit shape or animal shape. That symbol is the unique side from slots. Playing slots is not difficult like other casino games. The one that you should have is patience. If you have a high level of patience then you can collect a lot of money. A slot game is different because it gives money in a small amount but in several times. If you get the jackpot then you will get a lot of money instantly.

Classic Slots and Online Slots

When you want to play slots then you should know about the two different slots game. Many students have played slots after school is over. The children usually play slots but of course, no one realizes about it. They usually play slots in the game center and they use manual slots machine and use the coin to operate the machine. Each time they play slots then they will usually need more than 5 coins. You know that children never feel satisfied when they only have one coin. After you put the coin inside the machine then the machine will show you the score you have. If the machine has the animal symbol or the fruit symbol light up clearly then it means that you finally get the jackpot. The jackpot that you get if you are playing slots by using manual slots machine will be in the shape of a coin. It cannot be changed into the fresh money but all the coins inside the machine will come out and become yours. How are about the online slots then? If you want to play slots in an online system then you will not use the manual slots machine anymore. You will play it live and online. The system is almost similar to the manual slots but you can change your jackpot to the fresh money. In the online slots, you can choose the game with the total slots you want to have. It usually starts from two slots until unlimited. The symbols of the jackpot are still the same …

Online Casino Business Plan

The casino business is the rage these days, with plenty of websites that specialize in providing gambling realm for those who’d like to enjoy sports betting, poker, baccarat, and many more games. You can say that the business is booming and yet you might be thinking about making a profit from it. However, establishing such business as online casinos is not as easy as you think. First of all, you need a license for the casino website, and you need to contact some software provider as well. Furthermore, you need to be a wise businessperson, because the business plan needs to cover all the detail specifics to casino operations. Other than that, businessperson also needs to conduct market research in order to understand the characteristic of the industry.

Two Categories of Casino Business Plan

Sure we have just talked about online casinos, which is only one option you can have. The other option is investing your money in the location casino business. So, which one to choose? We’d like the idea of having an online casino, so here we would like to talk about the online casino business.

Basically, in such a realm as an online business, a businessperson could make a purchase of a casino website on sale. If you are not experienced enough in the field, many casino websites offer a franchise. The latter comes with readymade business plans for the online casino and most of them are willing to cooperate with you and your business website. Most casino websites that sell franchise gives all necessary tools needed for your operations. The tools were including pre-built casino rooms and poker. However, online casino business requires its own marketing strategy, and cost for it is usually expensive. You have to allocate sufficient funds in order to create hits at your casino website. Total cost for start-up depends upon the investment capacity of yours. It should not be a problem if you have a very low investment capacity, because, in fact, online casino business is a home-based investment. You can control the entire casino by doing a few clicks at your own computer. And guys, the business is very lucrative, especially if you can market it properly.

The next challenge for start-up casino business is how you are going to set up a different atmosphere. Even small differences will determine the status of your casino before the other. For example, …

Asian Bookie – New Desire of Playing Online Sports Betting

If you love to play gambling games then you may love to play online betting. You can choose many types of online betting games. People usually choose football betting to get money but of course, it is all about the gamble. You cannot predict whether you will win the game or lose the money. If you want to play online betting then you are recommended to choose the trustworthy site. It is used to avoid the possibility of losing your money. Today, gambling business is increasing and it makes the Asian bookies, for Asian gambling, have so many ideas to get some advantages from their members. That is the reason why you should take some consideration before making the decision.

Advantages of Bookie for the Online Sports Betting Games

Besides your monthly income, if you want to get additional money then you can play the online betting games on the bookie. You will get some advantages such as welcome bonuses, 5% re-deposits money, jackpot, and double jackpot, up to 50% register bonuses, double free bonuses and others. You will get those all advantages when you sign up as the website members. You also have the opportunity to get your lucky draw number. If you win the betting games then you will bring home all the money you have plus the bonus and the jackpot. You can find online gambling games easily on the internet. If you want to be a professional gambling gamer then you can choose the online casino. Casino games are divided into some categories and you can choose to play slots, baccarat, blackjack, or roulette. Each game is divided into some types again and you may choose it, as you like. Besides the casino, the online betting that also has big fans is the football game. In the football game, you can choose the winning team or guess about the final score. You may get confused the first time you join the Asian bookie betting. That is the reason why you should learn about the game before getting into the real game. The real game will need real money and give you real money when you win the game. If you do not like football and do not know how to play it then you still have some choices. You can bet on the basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, badminton, golf, water polo, baseball, and mix parlay. Each …

A Closer Look at Live Casino

There are many things that you can find easily on the internet these days. You can buy your favorite books on the internet or find the software you’ve been looking for easily on the internet. You can also watch your favorite movies by using online streaming or download your favorite CDs from the internet. Now, you can even play live casino online on the internet. You can find many websites that provide various online casino games. Some of them offer bonuses and promotions for their members that can increase the experience in playing these games. However, before you decide to play these games, there are some important things that you should know so that you can play casino games conveniently.

If you want to find good online casinos that offers you a bigger chance of winning and the best security system, the first thing that you can do is deciding the type of game that you would like to play. Basically, you can play any games that are available in online casino freely. Moreover, choosing the game that you are familiar with might increase your chance of winning. If you never played casino games before, choose the games with low difficulties such as roulette or slots machine. The type of game that you play will determine your chance of winning. The next thing that you should do is figuring your budget. You can choose to play casino games for free or use these games as your investment. If you want to play them for free, you don’t need a large budget. On the other hand, if you want to invest in these games, you might need to prepare a higher amount of money to help you win additional cash.

Investing Your Cash

Using live casino games for investment becomes more and more popular these days. To invest your money properly, there are several basic rules that you should know. You can find various devices and recommendations about online casino investment easily on the internet at popular casino such as,, If you want to get the optimal benefit of your investment, choosing the most secure online casino is one of the most important things that you should do. Online casino with a great security system can protect your account properly and provide protection to any transaction that you made. Choose a website that has a great reputation and …

Gambling News-Flash To Your Cellular Phone

The extensive use of cellular phones has made wireless news-flashes a common feature aswell. if you carry a mobile phone and you’ve subscribed to a cellular news network, then you would always be updated with current news. One news-flash which until recently had been neglected by the news networks, is cell phone gambling news.

The world of cell phone gambling news is spreading widely in current days. Casinos and poker tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker, have begun to release news to cellular phones. Gambling news are compiled and sent by the editorial staff of these institutes of the gambling industry. Numerous news flashes, regarding winners of poker tournaments, high rollers wins and campaigns, which appeal to the gambling public, are sent to millions of gambling-news subscribers every day.

News flash might hold important pieces of information to the average gambler. In the latest years many academic researches about gambling statistic are being conducted and any new research, regarding gambling statistics, would probably be a great benefit to gamblers. If you’re close enough to your cell phone you’d be one of the first to lay their hands on this information and to use it.

As regular newspapers revive many small talks so do cellular news flashes. It’s always pleasant for people to have something to talk about and gamblers need little conversational thrusts as well. Knowing cell phone gambling related news will achieve this point precisely. Cell phone gambling news flashes are a significant tool to the average gamblers nowadays. If you tend to gamble and you own a mobile phones than subscribing to a gambling-news network is highly suggested.…

Centrebet Chairman Graham Kelly

On November 14th, 2006, the CEO and Chairman of Centrebet, Graham Kelly, made a comment in the first annual meeting of their company since Centrebet was listed in July. With the new change in the leadership helm of the House of Congress, Mr. Kelly questioned whether the new laws regarding the Internet Gambling Industry would be enforced after he made known that Centrebet may exceed their financial expectations for the coming year.

The company, which specializes in waging and different gaming activities, finished the last fiscal year with over 8% of their total target. Mr. Kelly further commented that the financial outlook of the company for the coming year will be guided by a “defined strategy” of selling their gaming products to their existing clients, cell phone gambling and other plans for expansion in Spain.

He said that they are right on target at the moment and he sees no reason why they should change it. The company previously flagged their expected profits for the year 2007 after being taxed almost $11.6 million. Graham Kelly said that he is a bit disappointed that their stock is not trading above its $2 price and points to the ruckus surrounding the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) as the culprit.

What is bewildering, according to CEO Kelly, is that although they have not entertained thoughts about entering the United States market, they are being affected by a law that forbids U.S. residents from playing online and restricts the transfer of accounts to online companies by U.S. based financial institutions.

He further added that the UIGEA was proposed by a Republican led congress, so he is wondering if it will push through when the new house opens. The Managing Director of the company, Con Kafataris, is already in the Asian Region discussing business deals with the company’s partners. CEO Graham Kelly said that Centrebet will focus on the cell phone gambling sector, as it is considered to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the gaming industry.…

Former Employees Of Yamato Unyu

4 ex-employees of a sister company of Yamato Transport Corporation, a well-known delivery company in Japan, were arrested by authorities on November 22, 2006 because they allegedly gambled on professional baseball games on the premises of the company where they were employed. Authorities said that the 4 on-duty delivery van drivers from both of the Kyoto and Osaka branches of Yamato Unyu Delivery Company placed bets on their favorite baseball teams via their cellular phones.

The betting activities were initiated by another employee of the company about 10 years ago. Approximately 100 million yen in total wagers by the employees were collected over the past years. Parts of these wagers were used to finance further gambling activities outside company jurisdiction.

Prosecutors of the case received papers that implicate 9 other company employees in the on-going investigation of the case. The 4 suspects in the case were arrested and fired by the company along with the manager of the company branch in Osaka. The 4 suspects are 61 year old, Yoshinori Kato, a former Deputy Manager of the Yamato Unyu Delivery Company in Osaka, 33 year old Tadashi Kato, a son of Yoshinori Kato and the Section Chief of Sales at the Osaka Branch, and 50 year old Shinichi Ogawa, the former Section Chief of Sales at the Kyoto Branch. All 4 suspects have already been indicted before the court.…

Cell Phone Games

The cell phone games industry has gone a long way since the days of snake and arcade rip-offs. Today’s 3G cell phones can manage such a high ratio of data transmission that mobile games are beginning to resemble the games you run on your home computer. An owner of a cell phone that uses a 3G network can now play games such as ‘Need For Speed: Underground 2’ or ‘The Sims 2’. These games are quite a bourdon even for a relatively good home computer, so how is it possible to play them on your cell phone, you might ask. The answer is quite surprising, technologically speaking.

One of the things that held back cell phone games up until recently was the size of the cell phone’s memory. Most cell phones, even the ones with digital cameras and mp3 players, have very limited memory space. The solution was actually right under our eyes – transferring game data only upon need. The advanced cell phone games of the future are downloading the levels and characters only at the point they are needed, thus solving this most disturbing problem.

The improvement of the cellular communication network is expected to change many aspects of our life. Starting with advanced mobile games to live video feeds from casino tables and up to stream sports events and races. All we have left to do is enjoy the ride!…

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